If the player places a box within a character blueprint and then sets it to block all, this box will not block other box components in other players (image below for reference)

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Open the first person template
  3. Open the First person character blueprint
  4. Add a static mesh to the character
  5. Set the static mesh to 1m cube
  6. Set the static mesh to block all
  7. Save and compile
  8. Open the level blueprint
  9. On begin play use the Create character node
  10. Play in Editor
  11. Walk over to the second player
  12. Notice that you box does not collide with the other players box

Expected: The boxes that are set to block all would collide
Result: The boxes pass through one another

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By Design
ComponentUE - Gameplay
Affects Versions4.10
CreatedJan 19, 2016
ResolvedJan 20, 2016
UpdatedJul 14, 2021
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