If two projects are both built using the DebugGame solution configuration, the first project will fail to compile in DebugGame again due to Unresolved External errors.

It seems when DebugGame is compiled for the first project, the following is written to C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.11\Engine\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4\Development\UELinkerFixups\PCH.UELinkerFixupsName.h.cpp:

#include "F:\Unreal Projects[ProjectName]\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4\Development\UELinkerFixupsName.h"

After compiling (DebugGame) the second project, this file is updated. The above include is replaced by the same include but for the second project instead of the first (...[SecondProjectName\Intermediate\...) When DebugGame is compiled for the first project again (for the second time) this file is not updated and leads to Unresolved External errors.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open UE4 Editor (2 new code projects)
  2. Set the Solution Configuration to DebugGame for both
  3. Build (Ctrl+Shift+B) project1 followed by project2
  4. Build project1 again

Project1 fails second compile

Projects can be compiled in any configuration back and forth

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Fix Commit2870380
Main Commit2873884
Release Commit2870380
CreatedFeb 8, 2016
ResolvedFeb 17, 2016
UpdatedMay 2, 2018