When a SceneCapture2D actor is added as a Component to a Blueprint actor and the Render Target is assigned to a UI component in the level, the screen flickers at a rapid pace. The effect is slightly reduced when temporal AA is disabled but not eliminated.

Flickering with TemporalAA -
[Image Removed]

Flickering with No AA -
[Image Removed]

Note Regression: Confirmed as *not* occurring in 4.10.2 with the same setup

Also tested in Dev-Main/CL-2861053

Steps to Reproduce

*Quick Repro: Open Attached Project and Play as Standalone Game*

  1. Open a Blank Project with No Starter Content
  2. Create a Blueprint Actor called BP_SceneCapture
  3. Create a Render Target Texture called T_RenderTarget
  4. Opening BP_SceneCapture, add the T_RenderTarget as the SceneCapture's Render Target
  5. Add the BP_SceneCapture to the level
  6. Create a UI Material called M_UI
  7. Add the T_RenderTarget to M_UI as FInal Color
  8. Create a Widget Blueprint called BP_Widget
  9. Add an Image to BP_Widget
  10. Assign M_UI to the BP_widget's Image
  11. In the Level BP, off of Event Begin Play, Create a Widget
  12. Assign BP_Widget to the Create a Widget Node
  13. Off of the Create a Widget Node add to Viewport
  14. Save and Compile
  15. Save all
  16. Play as a Standalone Game

RESULTS: Flickering on screen in 4.11 and 4.12

EXPECTED: No Flickering as in 4.10.2

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ComponentUE - Graphics Features
Affects Versions4.114.12
Target Fix4.24
CreatedFeb 10, 2016
ResolvedNov 25, 2019
UpdatedDec 5, 2019
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