User Description: "SCurveEditor, class which is used for float ramps, seems to trigger OnCurveChanged events for the underlying curve; however SColorGradientEditor (constructed by SCurveEditor) seems to be missing calls to these (when creating and manipulating color curve keys). For the calls it does not intercept, curve manipulation events come through (like right mouse click). But for other ones, no go."

A class based on UCurveFloat will trigger OnCurveChanged. A class based on UCurveLinearColor will not trigger OnCurveChanged.

Frank Fella - " I just looked at the code in SColorGradientEditor editor and SCurveEditor and yeah he's entirely correct, the gradient editor doesn't call the curve changed callback when if modifies the curves like the SCurveEditor does."

Steps to Reproduce

This can't be reproduced effectively in the editor.

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Affects Versions4.104.11
Target Fix4.18
Fix Commit3570144
CreatedFeb 26, 2016
ResolvedAug 15, 2017
UpdatedJan 13, 2021