The FBX Import into Sequencer currently assumes that the camera has a rotation axis of 0, -90, 0. This assumption shouldn't be there. For example, currently this works:

1) From Sequencer, export a camera with keyframes, import that into Maya, re-export that from Maya, and re-import that in Sequencer.

These examples don't work:

1) From Sequencer, export a camera with keyframes, re-import that into Sequencer.
2) Start in maya, create a camera that has rotation axis 0, 0, 0. Export that from Maya and import that into Sequencer.

NOTE: It appears the same thing happens when I use "Import Into Level". A camera that doesn't have a rotate axis of 0, -90, 0 doesn't come in properly.

Steps to Reproduce

See description

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ComponentAnim - Sequencer
Affects Versions4.13
Target Fix4.16
Fix Commit3296533
Main Commit3617655
CreatedAug 15, 2016
ResolvedFeb 10, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018