A separate new flag should be used to control the sweep behavior of characters using Nav Walking behavior in CharacterMovementComponent. Existing assets should upgrade to set the value of this new flag based on the old bGenerateOverlapEvents flag. Default should likely be on (as bGenerateOverlapEvents is on by default for PrimitiveComponents).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set an AI character to move using "Nav Walking" behavior
2. Observe that whether they pass through other objects (not blocking pathfinding) depends on the bGenerateOverlapEvents flag, which should not normally control blocking collision behavior.

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ComponentGameplay - Player Movement
Affects Versions4.124.134.14
Target Fix4.16
Fix Commit3372452
Main Commit3385232
Release Commit3390270
CreatedSep 28, 2016
ResolvedMar 30, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018