Users are reporting hangs after exiting Standalone or other various windows launched through the editor.

The resolution has already been found, but I am reporting for transparency.

In order to reproduce this issue you need to have and Nvidia GPU and GeForce Experience installed with the 'Share' setting enabled.

Yes, this issue does not occur in the 4.13.2 - 3172292

Steps to Reproduce

Specific to Nvidia GPU's. Before following repro steps be sure you have Nivida GeForce Experience installed and the 'Share' setting enabled.

1. In any new or existing 4.14 project launch 'Standalone' mode.
2. Use the 'Quit' console command to exit the standalone window.

Outcome Editor completely hangs and becomes unresponsive.

Expected Standalone window closes

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Cannot Reproduce
Affects Versions4.18
CreatedDec 1, 2016
ResolvedMar 12, 2018
UpdatedMar 19, 2018