When building lighting now you can no longer have a hidden sub level and have it retain it's built light if it was previously built. For instance, if you have a persistent level and hide the sub-level the lighting cast from the hidden level would still build for the sub-level. This is no longer the case in 4.14 and if a sub level is hidden the already built lighting is wiped. No matter if the Persistent is hidden it will always build lighting but sub-levels are not treated the same way.

This appears to be a regression from 4.13 to 4.14 but may be one of the changes that came with the new lighting scenarios that I'm not sure of. I've attached videos to demonstrate in case the description is not as clear.

Working: 4.13.2 Binary CL-3172292
Broken: 4.14.2 Binary CL-3241561
Broken: 4.15 Automated Binary Build CL-3250282
Broken: 4.16 Dev-Main CL-3236705

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a default level and at least one additional level.
2. Place some lighting content in both levels set to static/stationary that can be built.
3. Build the Lighting while both levels are visible.
4. Hide the Sub level and click Build in the Toolbar again.
5. Click Yes so that only the visible level builds
6. After lighting build is complete unhide the sub level.

Results: The previous lighting bake has been removed from this level.

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ComponentUE - Rendering
Affects Versions4.144.154.16
Target Fix4.19
Fix Commit3729224
Main Commit3761165
Release Commit3813083
CreatedJan 11, 2017
ResolvedOct 31, 2017
UpdatedFeb 7, 2018