This Jira was created from CrashReports submitted by the public due to the high number of occurrences. Descriptions from users are provided below.

Error message:

Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)

Source Context:

34       void FRendererModule::InitializeSystemTextures(FRHICommandListImmediate& RHICmdList)
   35       {
   36       GSystemTextures.InitializeTextures(RHICmdList, GMaxRHIFeatureLevel);
   37       }
   39       void FRendererModule::DrawTileMesh(FRHICommandListImmediate& RHICmdList, const FSceneView& SceneView, const FMeshBatch& Mesh, bool bIsHitTesting, const FHitProxyId& HitProxyId)
   40       {
   41       // Create an FViewInfo so we can initialize its RHI resources
   42       //@todo - reuse this view for multiple tiles, this is going to be slow for each tile
   43       FViewInfo View(&SceneView);
   44       View.InitRHIResources(nullptr);
   46       const auto FeatureLevel = View.GetFeatureLevel();
   48 ***** const FMaterial* Material = Mesh.MaterialRenderProxy->GetMaterial(FeatureLevel);
   50       //get the blend mode of the material
   51       const EBlendMode MaterialBlendMode = Material->GetBlendMode();
   53       if (!GUsingNullRHI)
   54       {
   55       // handle translucent material blend modes
   56       if (IsTranslucentBlendMode(MaterialBlendMode))
   57       {
   58       if (FeatureLevel >= ERHIFeatureLevel::SM4)
   59       {
   60       FTranslucencyDrawingPolicyFactory::DrawDynamicMesh(RHICmdList, View, FTranslucencyDrawingPolicyFactory::ContextType(nullptr, TPT_NonSeparateTransluceny, true), Mesh, false, false, NULL, HitProxyId);
   61       }
   62       else
   63       {

Most recent user affected CL: 3249277

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Issue call stack shares some similarities with UE-24871

CrashReporter User Descriptions:

  • Was modifying the texture sample in a Material Function that I use for landscape textures.
    Previously had set two textures that are used in the Material Function to maximum size of 1024. Textures are 2048 in size.
  • In material editor.. again..
  • Clicked "Hide other developer's assets while editing a texture in a material.
  • typing "stars" into search for image in the skybox image blueprint, in the texture object part
  • *It's a clean project for google cardboard set up following the steps from epic oficial website.
    When the engine crashes, I'm adding a texture2dparameter to a newly created material, right at the moment when I click don't show engine content so I can see only my textures, the engine crashes.
  • Se cerro el unreal engine luego de buscar unas texturas en la lista de las que vienen incluidas en el motor.
  • tried to assign a texture
  • 1. Enable Show Engine Content
    2. Set Engine Content's Black texture to Material Parameter
    3. Disable Show Engine Content
  • Had Material Editor open, opened a texture browser and selected to show the Engine Assets.
  • selecting texture in material editor.
  • Crash constantly occurs in material editor when you choose "Show Engine Content" in texture sample chooser
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new blank project
  2. Create a new material and open
  3. Add a texture sampler and click on the drop down to select a texture
  4. Click "view options"
  5. Check "show engine content"
  6. Select a texture from the list
  7. Disable "Show engine content"

Crash after unchecking "Show engine content"

The engine content isn't shown on the drop down list of textures.

UE4Editor_Renderer!FRendererModule::DrawTileMesh() [renderer.cpp:51]
UE4Editor_Engine!FTileRenderer::DrawTile() [tilerendering.cpp:190]
UE4Editor_Engine!FCanvasTileRendererItem::Render_RenderThread() [tilerendering.cpp:256]
UE4Editor_Engine!FCanvas::Flush_RenderThread() [canvas.cpp:681]
UE4Editor_GraphEditor!FPreviewElement::DrawRenderThread() [sgraphnodematerialbase.cpp:207]
UE4Editor_SlateRHIRenderer!FSlateRHIRenderingPolicy::DrawElements() [slaterhirenderingpolicy.cpp:577]
UE4Editor_SlateRHIRenderer!FSlateRHIRenderer::DrawWindow_RenderThread() [slaterhirenderer.cpp:467]
UE4Editor_SlateRHIRenderer!TGraphTask<`FSlateRHIRenderer::DrawWindows_Private'::`35'::EURCMacro_SlateDrawWindowsCommand>::ExecuteTask() [taskgraphinterfaces.h:868]
UE4Editor_Core!FNamedTaskThread::ProcessTasksNamedThread() [taskgraph.cpp:932]
UE4Editor_Core!FNamedTaskThread::ProcessTasksUntilQuit() [taskgraph.cpp:679]
UE4Editor_RenderCore!RenderingThreadMain() [renderingthread.cpp:320]
UE4Editor_RenderCore!FRenderingThread::Run() [renderingthread.cpp:454]
UE4Editor_Core!FRunnableThreadWin::Run() [windowsrunnablethread.cpp:74]

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ComponentUE - Rendering - Materials
Affects Versions4.144.15
Target Fix4.16
Fix Commit3356916
Main Commit3379345
CreatedJan 12, 2017
ResolvedMar 21, 2017
UpdatedNov 2, 2021