Engine plugins are not being successfully created. Output log reads that the Path QAGame/Plugins cannot be found leading me to believe that it is not creating the Plugins folder for the project.

Notable Log:

LogDirectoryWatcher:Warning: Failed to begin reading directory changes for ../../../../Builds/QAGame 4.16_GH/Plugins/. Error: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x00000002)
LogSlate: Took 0.000263 seconds to synchronously load lazily loaded font '../../../Engine/Content/Slate/Fonts/Roboto-Light.ttf' (159K)
Running D:/Regression_3397235/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe QAGameEditor Development Win64 -EditorRecompile -Module QAToolbar -Project="../../../../Builds/QAGame 4.16_GH/QAGame.uproject" -Progress -NoHotReloadFromIDE
Performing full C++ include scan (hot reloading a new target)
Creating makefile for hot reloading QAGameEditor (no existing makefile)
Compiling game modules for hot reload
ERROR: One or more of the modules specified using the '-module' argument could not be found.
LogPluginWizard: Failed to compile source code.

This is a Regression from 4.15.2

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open QAGame in GitHub
  2. In the Toolbar > Settings > Plugins
  3. Select New Plugin
  4. Select Editor Toolbar Button
  5. Name it QAToolbar
  6. Check the "Is Engine Plugin"
  7. Select Create Plugin

Result: The plugin is not created

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-44175 in the post.

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Fix Commit3403453
Main Commit3427032
Release Commit3403453
CreatedApr 19, 2017
ResolvedApr 21, 2017
UpdatedSep 29, 2017