Setting the Collision Channel to anything other than World Static will reset on closing and restarting the editor.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open QA Game Engine
2. Create a new particle system
3. Adjust the initial velocity to have a Z range of -100 and -50
4. Add a collision module
5. Adjust collision damping to Constant Locked Axes XYZ and XYZ=0.2
6. Adjust the Max Collisions to min =1, max = 2
7. Place emitter in level so that the particles are colliding with the floor mesh
8. In cascade, set the collision channel to World Dyanmic
9. Save and close the Editor
10. Reopen the editor


At Step 8. Collision will stop working and at Step 10. Collision will return to World Static (even though the Channel settings still say World Dynamic)


Collision should stop at Step 8 and never return unless Collision Channel is changed again.

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ComponentUE - Rendering
Affects Versions4.54.6
Target Fix4.8
Fix Commit2397501
CreatedOct 21, 2014
ResolvedJan 5, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018