Developer Notes

Morphtarget updated needs it to tick before it gets to applied so that function has been marked as not safe to call during construction


Morph Targets do not update in Construction Script

Tested in 4.5 Release and in Latest Promoted (//depot/UE4/Promoted-CL-2323471)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Launch: UE4Editor.exe
2. Open the ContentExamples project
3. Create a new Actor Blueprint
4. Add a SkeletalMesh component
5. Set the Skeletal Mesh to Owen
6. In the Construction Script, Get the Skeletal Mesh component
7. Drag a Set Morph Target off the Skeletal Mesh node
8. Drag off the Value input and promote to a variable
9. Make the new variable Public
10. Set the Morph Target Name to Pinnochio
11. Drag the Blueprint into the level
12. Adjust the Value variable

Expected: The length of Owen's nose changes as the Value changes

Result: Owen's nose does not update with the change in Value

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By Design
ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.54.6
Target Fix4.8
CreatedOct 21, 2014
ResolvedMar 19, 2015
UpdatedMay 19, 2020