When a uasset is renamed it does not appear to take into account case changes. If the asset is renamed in the editor to the same name with different casing, the asset as seen in the file directory will not update(it will retain its original casing).

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  2. Create a new actor blueprint
  3. Name the asset "lowercase"
  4. Press Enter to confirm
  5. Rename the asset "LOWERCASE"
  6. Save and compile
  7. Close the editor
  8. Open the content folder in file explorer

Result: The the uasset name will still be in all lowercase
Expected: The case for the name that is used both in the editor and outside would match

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Won't Fix
Affects Versions4.15.34.19
CreatedJun 8, 2017
ResolvedAug 18, 2021
UpdatedAug 18, 2021
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