The time on a material that is used in UMG does not sync up with the time provided in the same material when used on an object in the scene. The time continues to tick up from the time the editor is opened for the material being used in the user interface. However, the material on the object in the scene it appears to reset once Play In Editor is used.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download the attached project
  2. Open the project provided
  3. Play in Editor

Result: The Time on the material in the level resets when hitting play (for PIE) while the material in the widget continues to use the time from the point that the editor was opened
Expected: The numbers (material showing time node output) on both the Widget and the object in the level would match up

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ComponentTools - UMG
Affects Versions4.16.3
CreatedAug 16, 2017
UpdatedApr 12, 2019