The user has attached a small project at the link to demonstrate the issue. Occurs in 4.5.1 and well as Main (//depot/UE4/Promotable-CL-2239587).

Crash Reporter:
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Steps to Reproduce

1. Launch: UE4Editor.exe
2. Create a new First Person Blueprint template project
3. Drop a static mesh into the level with Simulate Physics enabled
4. In the Level Blueprint, add a key input node
5. Cast to MyCharacter for the Mesh1P component
6. Get a reference to the static mesh
7. Set Simulate Physics for the static mesh
8. Attach Actor to Component
9. Use the Mesh1P component as the InParent input
10. PIE
11. Use the key input


PhysX3PROFILE_x64! physx::PxsCCDContext::updateCCD() + 4876 bytes pxsccd.cpp:1706 
PhysX3PROFILE_x64! physx::Cm::Task::run() + 34 bytes cmtask.h:65 
UE4Editor_Engine! TGraphTask<FPhysXTask>::ExecuteTask() + 452 bytes taskgraphinterfaces.h:671 
UE4Editor_Core! FTaskThread::ProcessTasks() + 2979 bytes taskgraph.cpp:428 
UE4Editor_Core! FTaskThread::ProcessTasksUntilQuit() + 77 bytes taskgraph.cpp:271 
UE4Editor_Core! FTaskThread::Run() + 11 bytes taskgraph.cpp:562 
UE4Editor_Core! FRunnableThreadWin::Run() + 86 bytes windowsrunnablethread.cpp:73 
UE4Editor_Core! FRunnableThreadWin::GuardedRun() + 93 bytes windowsrunnablethread.cpp:26 
kernel32! <Unknown> 
ntdll! <Unknown> 

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ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics
Affects Versions4.5.14.6
Fix Commit2347162
CreatedOct 31, 2014
ResolvedNov 4, 2014
UpdatedApr 27, 2018