When SphereTraceByChannel has a radius greater than the Character CapsuleComponent it causes the SphereTraceByChannel hitbox to register to the Character's origin point instead of the static mesh it hit on a full collision. In the project the Capsule Radius for the Character CapsuleComponent is set to 42 and the SphereTraceByChannel radius is set to 43. When the SphereTraceByChannel radius is set to 42 it functions as expected. You can change this variable in the Character BP in the Event Graph under Wall Trace.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Load up attached project and play in editor
  2. Press F1 to enter Wireframe view and run into the cube or the wall
  3. Notice how the SphereTraceByChannel registers the hit location on the mesh

Result: SphereTraceByChannel registers to the Character origin as you completely run into the mesh for its hit location

Expected: The hit location for SphereTraceByChannel registers to the triggering mesh

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Won't Fix
ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.20
CreatedDec 6, 2017
ResolvedApr 23, 2018
UpdatedJun 25, 2018