If a user binds the color and opacity settings for a UMG text block they cannot use linear colors directly. They must convert them in to slate colors. When changing the pin on the return node to accept linear colors it cause the following error:

Error Binding: property ' ColorAndOpacityDelegate ' on widget ' TextBlock_25 ' bound to function ' GetColorAndOpacity_0 ', but the sigatnures don't match. The function must return the same type as the property and have no parameters.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open Editor
  2. Create a new widget blueprint
    Right click Content browser > User interface > Widget blueprint
  3. Inside of widget add a text block
    Palette panel > type text block > click and drag into the designer window
  4. Select Text block and create a binding for the Color and Opacity
    Details panel > Appearance section > Color and Opacity > click the bind button > Create binding
  5. Set the return node on the return pin to Linear Color
    Click the Return node > Details panel > Outputs section > Click the drop down menu that currently says slate color > type Linear Color > select Linear Color
  6. Create a "Make Linear Color" node
    Click and drag off on the return pin > type "Make Linear Color" > hit enter
  7. Connect the "Make Linear Color" node to the Return nodes Output pin
  8. Hit compile

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems
Affects Versions4.6
CreatedNov 19, 2014
ResolvedJul 7, 2016
UpdatedJul 14, 2021