With a Render Target From Scene Capture 2D setup in a level , the motion blur settings from a global post process volume is overridden. Was investigating Scene Captures picking up Motion Blur when this was found, AnswerHub is tangentially related.

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Steps to Reproduce

1. Open QA Game Editor
2. Add Game/DemoRoom/BluePrint/BP_LightSculptureDynamic to the level
3. Change Rotation Speed of BP_LightSculptureDynmaic in Level Details to 1000.0
4. Add a Post Process Volume with the following settings:
Unbound = True
Motion Blur >> Amount = 1.0
Motion Blur >> Max = 4.8
Motion Blur >> Per Object Size = 1.6
5. Simulate or PIE (Note the Motion Blur on Sculpture.)
6. Stop Simulate or PIE, add a Scene Capture 2D actor into level
7. Face the Scene Capture 2D toward the BP_LightScultptureDynamic
8. Create a new Render Target Texture
9. Assign new Render Target Texture to Scene Capture 2D
10. Simulate or PIE

RESULTS: Motion Blur settings disappear in Step 10.

EXPECTED: Motion Blur in World should be the same in Step 5 and Step 10.

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ComponentUE - Graphics Features
Affects Versions4.64.7
Target Fix4.7
Fix Commit2393098
Release Commit2397538
CreatedNov 24, 2014
ResolvedDec 18, 2014
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
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