void APlayerController::OnNetCleanup(UNetConnection* Connection)
    UWorld* World = GetWorld();
    // destroy the PC that was waiting for a swap, if it exists
    if (World != NULL)
    // add code
    if (UNetConnection::GNetConnectionBeingCleanedUp != NULL) {
    check(UNetConnection::GNetConnectionBeingCleanedUp == NULL);
    UNetConnection::GNetConnectionBeingCleanedUp = Connection;
Steps to Reproduce

demostop_18[Image Removed]・Unzip the attached project

・ListenServer, Client in this order.

// Run ListenServer

UE4Editor.exe "%~dp0MyProjectSimple.uproject" -game Map1?listen -notimeouts -log

// Run Client

UE4Editor.exe "%~dp0MyProjectSimple.uproject" -game -notimeouts -log


Result: After saving replay by pressing B key on ListenServer, we closed the Client window. At this timing OnLogout processing is executed and saving replay should end, but ListenServer crashed.

321464-callstack.txt[Image Removed]

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Won't Fix
ComponentNetworking - Replay
Affects Versions4.18.3
Target Fix4.20
CreatedMay 18, 2018
ResolvedJun 30, 2018
UpdatedJul 2, 2018