After importing a skeletal mesh FBX (*IMPORTANT: With "Import Mesh" not selected the first time) the option box to "import mesh" disappears and the user is forced to use the originally selected "skeleton" which is kept in the memory -even if deleted from the Content Browser. If unclear, please visit my desk for a demonstration.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Use parent/child relationships to rig some geometry in Maya, give it some basic animation.

2. Export geometry to FBX (with animation ticked on).

3. Import FBX, check on "skeletal mesh" but also uncheck "import mesh" along with "import animations".

4. A skeletal mesh will be imported anyway.

5. Import the same FBX again and the "import mesh" option will have disappeared, along with some of the animation import options such as "animation name".

**The Editor is not deleting the initial imported skeleton, even if deleted from the content browser.

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Cannot Reproduce
CreatedNov 25, 2014
ResolvedAug 3, 2016
UpdatedJul 14, 2021