When walking off of angled geometry the player pawn will fall off of the edge horizontally instead of falling. Even with all possibly related values changed in the character defaults, the player will still jump off of the edge, giving the player a horizontal velocity.

I think this happens because we always store your velocity when walking as a horizontal velocity only, so when you transition to falling you are getting an initial horizontal velocity. You can work around this by hooking in to the "OnWalkingOffLedge" event and setting velocity to the result of "GetPhysicsLinearVelocity()" from the Character capsule.

You may only want to do this when moving downward, otherwise you may find that you start launching in the air when running off upward slopes (unless that it something you want).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open QA-Game
2. Create a BSP box that is x-1000 y-1000 z-200
3. Rotate it to 70 degrees & lift it several meters above the ground
4. Select the default floor and increase the scale to 5x5x1
5. Open the PlayerPawn
6. In the Defaults tab, set the 'Walkable Floor Angle' to 75
7. Set the Max Walk Speed to 1500
8. Back in the editor, click the dropdown beside of Play
9. Enable spawn at 'Current Camera Location'
10. In the viewport, place the camera at the top of the slope
11. Play-In-Editor
12. Run down the slope and off of the edge
13. See the character shoot off of the edge horizontally instead of maintaining the downward velocity

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Player Movement
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.8
Fix Commit2494127
CreatedNov 26, 2014
ResolvedMar 27, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018