Adding a new code class derived from AnimInstance will cause the Visual Studio build to fail in a project based on the code Vehicle template. The build errors indicate that there are problems in the ShowFlags.h file:

Add the line #include "EngineBaseTypes.h" to the ShowFlags.h file.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new project using the code Vehicle template.
  2. Build the project in Visual Studio.
  3. Open the project in the Editor.
  4. Add a new code class to the project derived from AnimInstance.
  5. Close the Editor.
  6. Build the project in Visual Studio.

The build fails.

The build succeeds.

1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(378): error C2065: 'EViewModeIndex' : undeclared identifier
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(378): error C2146: syntax error : missing ')' before identifier 'ViewModeIndex'
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(378): error C2182: 'ApplyViewMode' : illegal use of type 'void'
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(378): error C2491: 'ApplyViewMode' : definition of dllimport data not allowed
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(378): error C2059: syntax error : ')'
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(381): error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'EViewModeIndex'
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(387): error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'FindViewMode'
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(387): error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(390): error C2146: syntax error : missing ')' before identifier 'ViewModeIndex'
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(390): error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'int' to 'const TCHAR *'
1>          Conversion from integral type to pointer type requires reinterpret_cast, C-style cast or function-style cast
1>d:\main-builds\ue4\engine\source\runtime\engine\public\ShowFlags.h(390): error C2059: syntax error : ')'

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ComponentUE - Gameplay
Affects Versions4.
Fix Commit2373654
CreatedDec 1, 2014
ResolvedDec 2, 2014
UpdatedApr 27, 2018