When using the feature "promote to variable" on a pin that represents a value that is not an engine default (Example: Floats = 0.0, Booleans = False, ect..), that default value (for the variable that was created) that is set as a result of using "promote to variable" will not be passed on to any actors that are children of it.

Example: Using promote to variable on a "make literal float" node that contains a value of 2.0 will set the default value of the variable that is created to 2.0 in the parent. However, this value will not be reflected in any children. Instead the value will appear as 0.0.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Create a new actor blueprint
  3. Name it "BP_Parent"
  4. Right click > Create Child Blueprint Class
  5. Name the child blueprint "BP_Child"
  6. Save all
  7. Open BP_Parent
  8. Add a Make literal float node
  9. Set the value for the Make literal float node to 2 (anything other than 0)
  10. Right click the pin on the make literal float node that represents the value 2 > promote to variable
  11. Compile and save
  12. Open BP_Child
  13. Set shot inherited variable to true
  14. Click on the variable that was created in the parent

Result: The variable in the child is 0.0
Expected: The variable in the child would be the same as it is in the parent (in this example the value would be 2.0).

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix5.0-m6
Fix Commit16753426
Main Commit16759714
CreatedJul 11, 2018
ResolvedJun 23, 2021
UpdatedSep 9, 2021
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