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Duplicate of UE-4944


Running a client in debug mode in Visual Studio with the "-opengl" commandline argument will trigger an Access Violation breakpoint.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new project using the Basic Code template, no starter content.
  2. In Visual Studio, set the configuration to Development Client.
  3. Open the Configuration Manager and make sure the Build column is checked for the project (default appears to be unchecked).
  4. Build the project.
  5. Open the project in the Editor (click ok to build when prompted).
  6. Open the project settings. In Platforms -> Windows -> Targed RHIs, select all DirectX options and OpenGL 3.
  7. Cook the game content (File -> Cook Content for Windows).
  8. In Visual Studio, run the project in debug mode (F5 or right-click on the project and select Debug -> Start new instance).
  9. The project opens successfully.
  10. Stop debugging.
  11. Open the project properties in Visual Studio.
  12. In Configuration Properties -> Debugging, add -opengl to the Command Arguments.
  13. Run the project in debug mode again.

A breakpoint is triggered stating "Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000000."

The project opens successfully.

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ComponentUE - Rendering
Affects Versions4.64.7
Target Fix4.74.8
CreatedDec 3, 2014
ResolvedDec 5, 2014
UpdatedJun 23, 2018