Blueprint events seem to ignore Net Dormancy entirely. This was discussed with the Blueprints team and it seems that this may not be an issue directly with Net Dormancy but the fact that Rep Notifies in general are being fired when they shouldn't be.

Regression?: No
This occurred in 4.19.2

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download the attached project
  2. Ensure that Dedicated Server is enabled in the Play settings.
  3. Start PIE
  4. Notice the cube in the level changing scale
    Result: Despite Net Dormancy being enabled, the rep notify that changes the scale of the cube is being triggered.
    Expected: Due to Net Dormancy being enabled, the scale is not changed as the rep notify is not triggered

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-62354 in the post.

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Won't Fix
ComponentUE - Networking
Affects Versions4.194.204.21
CreatedJul 31, 2018
ResolvedAug 18, 2021
UpdatedAug 18, 2021