Steps to Reproduce

Upload scene attached inside 3dsMax.

Scene contains:

1) teapot001 / UCX_teapot001 (with generate map coords option OFF)

2) teapot002 / UCX_tespot002 (wihtout any Uvs)

Export using Datasmith 


Import using Datasmith in Unreal

Notice that collision was creating on either if the teapot.

If i was to go back to Max and enable the "generate map coords " on teapot001 export again.

RE-import in UNreal , i will then be able to see the collision.

Same thing for teapot002.






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ComponentEnterprise - Datasmith - 3dsMax
Affects Versions4.21e0
CreatedDec 4, 2018
UpdatedDec 7, 2018