Creating an Aim Offset Blendspace from Epic's "aim from the hip animations" in the Animation Starter Pack results in the character's arms being animated behind the characters head when trying to implement the Aim Offset in the Character's Animation Blueprint.

Link to project files:
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Video of issue:
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Steps to Reproduce

Create an Aim Offset blendspace using Epic's Animation Starter Pack
Open ASP_HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint
Open Idle (State) tab
Add AimOffsetBlendSpace Node
Link Play "Idle_Rifle_Hip" to "AimOffsetBlendSpace Node"
Link "AimOffsetBlendSpace Node" to Final Animation Pose
Result: Arms deform to above and behind characters head
Expected: Arms to remained at the aim from the hip position

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ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.6
Fix Commit2467323
CreatedDec 17, 2014
ResolvedMar 9, 2015
UpdatedMay 19, 2020