Issue reported by one of our licensee on the Japanese UDN

Steps to Reproduce

Open NativizedBP project.

1- Create NP_Base (nativivized) inherited from AActor

2- Add SphereComponent at the root component BP_Base

3-Set BP_Base Sphere's collision setting WorldStatic to Ignore

[Image Removed]


4- Add the following logic to BP_Base BeginPlay event

[Image Removed]


5- Create the following Custom Launch Profile :

Build Configuration : Development / Build UAT
Cook : By the book / Windows / en / PL_NewMap
Package : Do not package
Deploy : Copy to device
Launch : Use default role / Standalone Client / en / default



Notive that when running the game in the Editor and in the cooked version the printed string is different.

[Image Removed]

[Image Removed]

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Affects Versions4.21.2
Target Fix4.23
CreatedJan 29, 2019
UpdatedFeb 8, 2019