In CharacterAnimBP: After creating a new montage branch point you cannot reference it in the CharacterAnimBP’s Event graph until you close and restart the editor.

Steps to Reproduce

Open Third person animation project in UE4.6.1
Open CharacterAnimBP
Open any animation with a Montage or create a Montage
Right Click on the Montage to create a new Branch Point
Name it something easy to identify like "TEST"
Open Event Graph in CharacterAnimBP
Right click to "Add Montage Branching Point Event"
"EventMontageBranchingPoint_TEST" will not be present
Save all and close Editor
Reopen editor to this animation project
Open CharacterAnimBP to event graph
Right click to "Add Montage Branching Point Event"
"EventMontageBranchingPoint_TEST" will be present

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ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.64.6.1
Fix Commit2366347
CreatedDec 22, 2014
ResolvedJan 5, 2015
UpdatedMay 19, 2020