Frustum culled landscape components stop casting shadows resulting in the shadows disappearing near the edges of the camera in square sections.

Unable to test in 4.20 or 4.21 as provided project was created in 4.22

Found in 4.22 CL#5275346 and 4.23 CL# 5287285

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the linked project [Link Removed]
  2. Load all sub levels in the Levels window
  3. Navigate around the landscape

Frustum culled landscape components wont cast a shadow

Shadows would still be 

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Affects Versions4.224.23
Target Fix4.22
Fix Commit5370118
Main Commit5370121
Release Commit5370118
CreatedMar 5, 2019
ResolvedMar 12, 2019
UpdatedMar 27, 2019