Regression as of 4.22.

When creating more than one layer in a Paper2DTilemapAsset, the tiles will not render correctly in the second layer. Please see the attached gif for an example.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open Unreal 4.22 and create a blank Blueprint Project
  2. Import a Paper2d Tile map. (I've attached a classic rpg tileset. png for easy repro)
  3. Right click on Paper2D Tile map-> Sprite Actions-> Apply Paper2d Settings.
  4. Right click on Paper2D Tile map->Sprite Actions-> Create Tile Set
  5. Create a new tile map, Right click on Content Browser-> Paper2D->Tile Map
  6. Set the tileset to the correct dimensions of 16x16.
  7. Set the tilemap to the correct dimensions of 16x16.
  8. Click on the tilemap, and add two layers.
  9. In Layer one, Paint a tilemap to cover the first layer.
  10. In Layer two, Paint a tilemap to cover the second layer.

Result: Rendering of painted tilemaps will not always show in the appropriate cell grid. Upon multiple clicks in the tile map space, your results may vary. (The rendering may or may not appear correctly) I've attached a gif demoing the behavior of the tile maps not rendering at all.

Expected: Tiles will "paint" (render) on click in the correct grid space.

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Affects Versions4.22
Target Fix4.22.1
Fix Commit5902536
Main Commit5902556
CreatedApr 3, 2019
ResolvedApr 15, 2019
UpdatedApr 19, 2019