If you deploy the app to the iOS device using the Mac editor's Launch button or Project Launcher, the second and subsequent launches will fail.

The following message is output when startup fails. The process when launching from the editor has not been completed successfully. Perhaps, I think the same reason is that the Running ... dialog in the lower right does not disappear after launching from the editor.

SpringBoard Not terminating "com.YourCompany.test" for violated provision because: "process is being debugged"
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Launch empty project from Mac to iOS
  2. After Running, exit the app running on the iOS device using the IOS double-click / iPhone X multitasking swip
  3. Launch the deployed application on the iOS device by tapping the icon
  4. The app does not launch properly. Freeze on the last exit screen.

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ComponentPlatform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.224.21.2
CreatedApr 16, 2019
UpdatedJul 22, 2019