Custom Events with binding to "OnAudioFinished" do not work if "Persist across level transition" is set to true when using the "Create Sound 2D" node.

This was reported and tested in 4.23.1 (CL-9631420). This was reproduced in 4.24.1 (CL-10757647) and Main 4.25 (CL-10985206).

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the UE4 Editor and create a Blank Project
  2. Create an Actor BP and reference the attached screenshot for its setup. The Sound File used is in Engine Content.
  3. Compile and Save the BP and drag a copy of it into the Level
  4. Press Play and notice that the Custom Event didn't fire
  5. Open the BP back up and check "Persist Across Level Transition" on "Create Sound 2D"
  6. Press Play

Results: The Custom Event does not trigger if "Persist Across Level Transition" was set to true

Expected: For the Custom Event to trigger with "Persist Across Level Transition" set to true or false

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Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.26
CreatedJan 15, 2020
UpdatedMar 23, 2020