It looks like UnbindFromSkeletalMeshComponent stops all montages. This is called when the animation section restores its state. 

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the SK_Mannequin mesh and navigate to the Animation window
  2. Open Window > Anim Slot Manager
  3. Add a new group to the slot manager named SequenceGroup
  4. Add a new slot to that group named SequenceSlot
  5. Add another group named BluerpintGroup
  6. Add a slot to that group named BlueprintSlot
  7. Create an animation blueprint for Sk_Mannequin
  8. Have the Output pose blend with a 0.5 alpha between SequenceSlot and BlueprintSlot
  9. Create a blueprint actor with SK_Mannequin as a skeletal mesh component
  10. Create a new montage that plays on BlueprintSlot
  11. Have the montage loop indefinitely 
  12. On the actor from step 9's begin play event play that new montage
  13. Add the actor to a level
  14. Create a new level sequence and bind that actor to it
  15. Add an animation track to the actor and set its slot to SequenceSlot
  16. Set the animation to restore state when finished
  17. Make sure the animation section ends before the sequence
  18. Key the actors animation mode to Use Animation Blueprint, and set it to be the blueprint from 7
  19. Set the sequence to AutoPlay
  20. PIE

The sequence will play and blend between the two animations, but when the animation section stops in the sequence the montage played from the blueprint will also stop.


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ComponentTools - Sequencer
Affects Versions4.24
Target Fix4.26
CreatedFeb 12, 2020
UpdatedJul 27, 2020