When a re import fail, we currently delete the package which in a reimport case produce a crash later.

If a reimport fail we should abort and make sure the asset is not touch and exactly like it was before we re-import.

Currently we touch the original asset so if a fail happen during the re import the original asset will be in a non usable state. I suggest to work on a copy and transfer the result to the original asset only if the re import is successful.

Steps to Reproduce

Import static mesh using attach Test_Asset_Working.fbx

Open the asset and change the source file to attach Test_Asset_Broken.fbx


RESULT: crash

EXPECTED: The reimport fail and the reimported asset is like it was before starting the reimport

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ComponentTools - Import
Target Fix4.25
Fix Commit12821338
Release Commit12821338
CreatedFeb 12, 2020
ResolvedApr 15, 2020
UpdatedMay 4, 2020