When using unrealpak to make a patch, if the source pak data that a patch is based from is encrypted, you must specify the "patchcryptokeys" parameter on the command line so unrealpak knows which crypto.json file to use to access that source pak file. The editor doesn't add those parameters, nor does it offer any way of configuring that.

We should add the crypto.json for a build into the release version data, and then have UAT find that and pass it to unrealpak with the "-patchcryptokeys=" parameter

Steps to Reproduce
  • Create a new code project of any variety
  • Enable pak encryption in the project settings
  • Create a project launcher config that builds and packages using cook-by-the-book, with "use single pak file"  enabled and a set to create a release version
  • Run that config
  • Create a second launch config which is the same as the previous one, except changing the "create release version" to "base on release version" and tick the "create patch" box
  • Run that second config and observe the crash in unrealpak

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ComponentUE - Foundation - Core
Affects Versions4.25
Fix Commit11888409
CreatedMar 2, 2020
ResolvedAug 18, 2021
UpdatedDec 1, 2021
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