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Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download and extract the attached "Test" folder
  2. Open QAGame in UE4Editor
  3. Open QAEntry
    • Located at: /Content/Maps
  4. From the Level Editor Toolbar, select Settings > World Settings
  5. Within World Settings beneath World, set Enable World Composition to True
  6. From the File Menu Bar, select Window > Levels
  7. Within the Levels window, select Levels > Import Tiled Landscape
  8. Within the Import Tiled Landscape dialog, select Select Heightmap Tiles
  9. In the File Browser window, navigate to and select the four heightmap files within the extracted Test folder
  10. Select Import
  11. Within the Levels window, load the following levels:
    • test_x0_y0
    • test_x0_y1
    • test_x1_y0
    • test_x1_y1
  12. Within the Level Viewport, change Shading from Lit to World Normal (Buffer Visualizations > World Normal)

The Normals on the imported landscape are split with a hard edge

Expected Result:
Normals on the imported landscape are smooth, consistent with the imported Tiled Heightmap files

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CreatedMar 25, 2020
UpdatedFeb 3, 2023