When we play in editor with the Play Net Mode set to Play as Client, a hidden dedicated server is launched. Previously in 4.24 the dedicated server would always launch with a visible command window.
This hidden server window prevents us from saving assets while it is running and it is a hassle to restart the editor or manually end the server process through the task manager after every play in editor session.

Regression: Yes
Worked: 4.24.3 Binary CL-11590231
Broken: 4.25.1 Binary CL-13834755

Add -log to the Additional Launch Parameters in the Multiplayer Options

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open UE4Editor and create a ThirdPerson blueprint template project
  2. Go to Edit > Editor Preferences > Play > Mutliplayer Options
  3. Set the following Multiplayer Options:
    • Play Net Mode = Play as Client
    • Run Under One Process = False
  4. Select the drop down menu next to the Play button
  5. Select Standalone Game
  6. Close the standalone game window
  7. Open the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint
  8. Make a change to the blueprint
  9. Save the blueprint

The blueprint cannot be saved because there is a hidden dedicated server that is still running in the background

The dedicated server opens into a command window when we start PIE.

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Affects Versions4.25.1
Target Fix4.26
Fix Commit14642974
Release Commit14642974
CreatedJul 15, 2020
ResolvedNov 3, 2020
UpdatedApr 28, 2021