The bounds are wrongly calculated when the bUseLocalSpaceSimulation property is set in the Chaos Cloth shared config, as it doesn't take into account the character rotation in the removal of the offset.

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Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build with Chaos enabled (\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\Configuration\TargetRules.cs bCompileChaos and bUseChaos should be both set to true).
  2. Start EngineTest.
  3. Menu File/New Level, select FunctionalTest.
  4. Find the Owen asset in the browser, drop it in the level.
  5. In the viewport menu, click on Show/Advanced/Bounds.
  6. Select Owen in the World Outliner, and in Transform/Location, set to different values such as (500, 0, 20) and observe the incorrect bounds as you press enter. (Note: do not use the move tool for this, as otherwise the bound won't refresh!)




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Cannot Reproduce
CreatedAug 18, 2020
ResolvedMar 31, 2021
UpdatedApr 19, 2021