Separate Translucency causes crash with iOS and Android Vulkan preview rendering

UE - Platform - Mobile - May 4, 2022

This is a regression. Separate Translucency causes crash with iOS and Android Vulkan preview. ...

Old iTunes DLL causes UBT to fail on startup

UE - Platform - Mobile - May 2, 2022

Pointing the camera towards the clouds and moving the camera causes glitches in the clouds

UE - Platform - Mobile - Apr 14, 2022

When launching a package for iOS from Mac, when pointing to the clouds and moving the camera, the clouds will glitch and show rectangular ghosting. ...

Cannot touch at top of screen after input japanese on UEditableTextBox on IOS

UE - Platform - Mobile - Apr 5, 2022

[translated comment from licensee] This issue can be found in a IOS project using the Integrated Keyboard. it occurs when using a Japanese keyboard on EditableTextBox. There is no problem with Engl ...

Crash in Android media plugins on Adreno devices with letters in version

UE - Platform - Mobile - Mar 2, 2022

The logic to check the version number of Adreno devices does not work if there are letters in the version (like Adreno 642L). ...

r.MobileContentScaleFactor appears to be ignored defaulting to 1 on Mobile Devices

UE - Platform - Mobile - Feb 28, 2022

r.MobileContentScaleFactor = 0 should return Native Resolution; 1 should return Standard definiton; 2 shold return an High Definition Resolution. It seems that r.MobileContentScaleFactor is being i ...