GAS: FGameplayAbilitySpecHandle lacks invokable serialize function

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Dec 15, 2023

FGameplayAbilitySpecHandle is a struct that can be replicated by-design to identify a granted GameplayAbility in server-client communication. This works fine with default struct replication using FR ...

FColorSpaceTransform Crash on Linux due to misalignment

UE - Virtual Production - Rendering - Color - Dec 15, 2023

FLinearColor FColorSpaceTransform::Apply(const FLinearColor& Color) crashes while attempting to VectorLoadAligned() when running the UnrealEditor on Ubuntu 22.04. ...

Nanite custom depth rendering is missing support for r.CustomDepthTemporalAAJitter=0

UE - Graphics Features - Nanite - Dec 14, 2023

Nanite custom depth rendering doesn't "de-jitter" the view parameters for custom depth rendering when r.CustomDepthTemporalAAJitter is set to 0. This was discovered by a licensee and reported via U ...

Unexpected resimulations after a client possesses a moving pawn

UE - Gameplay - Network Prediction - Dec 14, 2023

If a player possesses a moving NPP-simulated pawn, there is some kind of logic problem where a reconciliation immediately is triggered, and resimulations keep streaming for a long time. This proble ...

Paste of subcategories does not work

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 14, 2023

Crash on paste of subcategory in the details panel

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 14, 2023

Multicast RPCs called from standalone instance are not recorded into replays

UE - Networking - Dec 13, 2023

This seems to have regressed because of the fix to [Link Removed]. Because UWorld::InternalGetNetMode now only returns the DemoNetDriver's NetMode when it is recording and in its tick, the multicast ...

Imported material is incorrectly tinted when imported via Interchange.

TM - Interoperability - Dec 13, 2023

Materials are correct in UE. It is not clear for me why the materials have tint. Possibly a remnant from the DCC. Sketchfab, UE, and Blender displays the materials cortrectly, without the blue tint. ...

Per instance custom data and Material Layers issue

UE - Rendering Architecture - Dec 12, 2023

checkSlow hit when using array with replication condition in Iris

UE - Networking - Iris - Dec 12, 2023

For arrays, FPropertyReplicationStateDescriptorBuilder::IsSupportedProperty will set the FMemberProperty's ChangeMaskBits to "1U + FPropertyReplicationState::TArrayElementChangeMaskBits". If the arr ...