UObject set to DefaultToInstanced will show all properties declared at the blueprint level, even in they're private and not instance editable

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Apr 19, 2024

Licensee found that when creating a UObject class with DefaultToInstanced and EditInLineNew specified, and then a derived BP was created using the UObject class and used as a variable type in an act ...

Moving noise is visible in hair shadows when Lumen screen traces are active

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 18, 2024

Dark moving noise is visible in hair in the shadows when Lumen screen traces are active.  Example of noise when screen tracing is frozen:[Image Removed] Turning off Lumen screen traces using r.Lume ...

GetMotionControllerData doesn't return expected data

UE - Platform - XR - Apr 18, 2024

Repro project: [Link Removed] ...

Remove IFAs when they no longer have any instances

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Foliage - Apr 18, 2024

Package Map warnings when spawning primary asset class on server after seamless travel

UE - Networking - Apr 18, 2024

This issue seems to occur due to the client keeping the NetGUID for the class/object, while the server will clean up this NetGUID during travel. When the client sends the class and its NetGUID as pa ...

Lumen artifacts on splitscreen during camera cuts

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Apr 18, 2024

A UDN licensee has pointed out that they are seeing unresolved Lumen reflection artifacts when they are running their game in split-screen mode. A video of this behavior is found in the Related tab ...

Generated assets not showing up in world partition level until map reloaded - DirtyActorTracker

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Apr 18, 2024

Enabling SunPosition engine plugin causes a missing file warning in a packaged build

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Apr 18, 2024

Licensee noted that editor-only code from the Sun Position Calculator engine plugin was causing a warning in packaged builds. A similar issue was reported for 4.22 [Link Removed], but this appears t ...

Breakpoint on SetText node in WBP PreConstruct triggers editor hang on save

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Apr 17, 2024

A user reported that when calling SetText on a text widget in a widget blueprint's PreConstruct causes an editor hang when you put a breakpoint on SetText and attempt to save the asset. The issue i ...

ExportMaterialUVDensities() gets the incorrect value where the alpha channel is referenced

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Apr 16, 2024

ExportMaterialUVDensities() gets the incorrect value where the alpha channel is referenced (e.g. RegisterIndex of the texture is [3] or [7]) because FMeshRenderer::RenderMaterialTexCoordScales() use ...