Replicated Movement doesn't replicate itself to all clients on Dedicated Server

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jul 31, 2018

This is a regression from 4.19.2 (CL-4033788). The pawns aren't replicating their own movement on their clients, but they are replicating on the clients of other pawns. This was reported and teste ...

Copy/paste or Duplicate a spawnable doesn't work

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Jul 30, 2018

UMG Designer preview: Incorrect resolution on Samsung s8 and s9

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Jul 30, 2018

"By default, the device profile for android_high (which is used by phones such as the galaxy s8 and s9) gives a scale factor of 1.0 resulting in 1280x720. When choosing a ~2:1 device such as the gal ...

Adding Instances to a Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh causes crash

UE - LD & Art - World Building - Foliage - Jul 29, 2018

Adding Instances to the Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Component on BeginPlay causes the Editor to crash. Tested in 4.19.2 (CL - 4033788), 4.20.1 (CL - 4229980), 4.21(CL - 4235929) ...

'Get Distance Along Spline At Spline Point' Causes Crash

Tools - Jul 28, 2018

User reports that the reason for the crash is that because UpdateSpline is false on the AddSplinePointAtIndex blueprint node, this line is never called [ReparamTable.Points.Reset(NumSegments * Repar ...

Gear VR Touchpad input broken

UE - Platform - XR - Jul 27, 2018

Gear VR Touchpad input no longer functioning in 4.20 Noticed this appearing in 4.20 logs from device (did not appear in 4.19 logs): LogOcInput: Get touchpad main with data 0.000000 0.000000 Also t ...

Clickable widgets fail to function as UWidgetComponents in standalone

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Jul 25, 2018

When in standalone, any widget that takes a click event doesn't respond properly to user input. Tested in 4.19(CL - 403788), 4.20(CL - 4228271), and 4.21(CL - 4229747) ...

[CrashReport] UE4Editor_VREditor!AFloatingText::AFloatingText() [vreditorfloatingtext.cpp:99]

UE - Editor - UX - VRMode - Jul 25, 2018

UPDATE This crash occurs when compiling shaders with a Floating Text asset in the level. Following the repro steps given above, the crash occurs each time opening the editor after forcing shaders to ...

[Sketchup]-Different groups names in Outliner and Content Browser

UE - Editor - Datasmith - Exporters - Jul 19, 2018

"Find Collision UV" does not work with "Get Hit result under cursor"

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jan 8, 2018

The Hit result from "get hit result under cursor" does not appear to be working with "find collision UV" Using "Line Trace by Channel" hit result works as intended. ...