Duplicate the mesh will not duplicate the foliage on it.

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Foliage - Mar 22, 2019

Setting spline in Niagara Override Parameters corrupts system after closing level

UE - Niagara - Mar 19, 2019

The USplineComponent appears to be corrupted. It will pass the null check, but operations done on the data cause the engine to crash. (See the linked UDN for more details) ...

Changing class of Sub Anim Instance will crash if tag is specified

OLD - Anim - Mar 1, 2019

Switching sub anim instances that have a set tag will crash the editor when compiled. This is likely due to the use of Tag as the object name. The tag does not change, and the old UObject is still a ...

Potential for race conditions in startup movies to cause crash

Tools - Feb 14, 2019

In startup movies there is a potential for a race condition when getting the size of an FMovieViewport. This has led to crashes for licensees. The shared pointer ...