Fast Path pin update can break when anim BP compilation generates warnings

UE - Anim - Runtime - May 13, 2021

It seems that a Anim BP that generates a warning will break the updating of pins that are connected via fastpath in other parts of the graph. This was reported on the following UDN: [Link Removed] ...

Control Rig: Setting the components of a Vector in the graph can overwrite the default values of other variables

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - May 11, 2021

It seems that setting the component values of a vector via a Set node in Control Rig can effect the default values of other blueprint variables in the Control Rig. See the attached video for more d ...

A crash can occur when modifying a user-defined struct asset that's indirectly accessed through a variable node.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - May 11, 2021

If a user-defined struct-type variable is declared in one Blueprint, and that variable is then indirectly accessed in a second Blueprint through a reference to the first Blueprint, modifying the str ...

AllowCommandletRendering D3D12 device crash

UE - Graphics Features - May 10, 2021

Material instance changes are not retained whilst using Empty Actor to switch between spawned meshes with blueprints

UE - Graphics Features - May 6, 2021

TestActor references Shape_Cube_2 and Shape_Cube_3.  TestActor blueprint shows the logic 2DSideScrollerCharacter blueprint contains the keyboard control logic. ...

Crash when creating a static mesh from a Procedural Mesh Component that has been used with a Create Mesh Section node

UE - LD & Modeling - Modeling Tools - Mesh Editing - May 5, 2021

When creating a static mesh from a Procedural Mesh Component that has been used by a Create Mesh Section node, the editor crashes. The editor doesn't crash when selecting the Create Static Mesh butt ...

The space between multi line text is gone in game when the text box is placed in a retainer box

UE - Editor - UI Systems - May 4, 2021

When using a Text Box with multiple lines inside a Retainer, the lines overlap with each other depending on the letters. It doesn't look this way in the Widget Designer. Additionally, it doesn't loo ...