Ensure occurs when RBAN simulated rigid body approaches UseComplexAsSimple mesh

UE - Simulation - Physics - Character - Jun 30, 2022

When a collision enabled RBAN node attempts to collect surrounding meshes, if there is a mesh with UseComplexAsSimple, it will hit the Ensure when cloning a mesh on the task graph thread. Disabling ...

Runtime-generated components stored in the VisibleAnywhere array are not displayed in the detail panel

UE - Gameplay - Components - Jun 30, 2022

Runtime-generated components stored in ObjectPtr with VisibleAnywhere are displayed in the details panel, but not for arrays. Applying the following workaround, components can be visible even in ar ...

When 1 AnimSequence asset is used for multiple SeuqnecePlayer, the override by AnimGraphOverrides affects other than the specified SequencePlayer.

UE - Anim - Runtime - Anim Blueprints - Jun 30, 2022

If you use the same AnimSequence in multiple SequencePlayers in Base AnimBP and replace asset of one of SequencePlayers by AssetOverride in Child AnimBP, the result will be reflected in the other Se ...

nDisplay failed to launch with a user name account which contains non-ASCII chars

UE - Virtual Production - Tools - Switchboard - Jun 30, 2022

Certain textures always output to cache miss log

UE - Texture - Jun 29, 2022

If using VT_CurlNoise texture in the Volumetrics plugin, it will output a DDC cache miss every time when launch Editor. ...

Blend profiles/masks don't work with compatible skeletons

UE - Anim - Gameplay - Jun 29, 2022

From a user:  We are having some issues with blend masks and compatible skeletons. We have skeleton A as the base and skeleton B as a compatible skeleton. They both share a similar hierarchy (altho ...

When using ProceduralFoliageVolume, ActorFoliage can be used even if World Partition is enabled in UE5.0

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Foliage - Jun 28, 2022

UE5.0 does not support ActorFoliage at Levels where World Partition is enabled ( [Link Removed] ), but ActorFoliage will work via ProceduralFoliageVolume. And when you cook the level you will get an ...

Can't record float properties

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Jun 24, 2022

Crash when cooking landscape collision in world partitioned level

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Jun 24, 2022

This is caused by the loss of data in the ULScapeHeightfieldCollisionComponent::CollisionHeightData. The CollisionHeightData is not marked as BULKDATA_PayloadInSeperateFile and is processed with a k ...