Crashes occur when creating a static texture from a non-HDR Cube Render Target in DirectX12

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Sep 11, 2023

While working with DirectX 12 in the project settings, the editor crashes by check() code when attempting to create a static texture from a non-HDR Cube Render Target asset. This crash doesn't occur ...

TSR & WPO - Distortion around mesh edges

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 8, 2023

The background around a mesh moving via WPO is distorted. Mesh is correctly outputting velocities. ...

[AI] BehaviorTreeComponent fails to run a new tree if the current tree ends with a latent abort

UE - AI - BehaviorTree - Sep 8, 2023

If a BT ends with a latent abort with another BT asset pending initialization, the BehaviorTree component will stop the tree that was aborted, but it does not start the new tree. You can check with ...

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding with DirectX 11 causes videos to render black when loaded in a Media Player

Media Framework - Sep 7, 2023

This is not a regression. Tested in //UE5/Release-5.2 CL26001984. Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding requires DirectX 11, but it appears the combination causes media players to only render a black ...

Static Mesh Scene Actor Flipped Normals

UE - Rendering Architecture - Aug 31, 2023

Static meshes can have normals flipped when the actor they are attached to has one component of its scale inverted. ...

Transient Subclasses of ABrush default to supporting external packaging

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - OFPA - Aug 29, 2023

ABrush::SupportsExternalPackaging overrides the base implementation of  AActor::SupportsExternalPackaging which returns false for transient actors, but it doesn't call super. As a result, transient ...

BP timelines: when converting internal curve to external, the external curve isn't used until BP is recompiled

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Aug 28, 2023

Blueprint timelines: when converting an internal curve to an external curve asset, the curve asset's data isn't used until the blueprint is recompiled. This is confusing as there is no indication th ...

Looping Gameplay Cues are not removed if GameplayCueNotifyTagCheckOnRemove is true

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Aug 24, 2023

GameplayCues inheriting from GameplayCueNotify_Actor no longer have their Removed functions called when removed via UAbilitySystemComponent::RemoveGameplayCue if GameplayCueNotifyTagCheckOnRemove is ...

VectorParameter UI display in the Layer Parameters Panel of MIC editor issue

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Aug 22, 2023

Channel Mask Parameter UI display discrepancy

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Aug 22, 2023