"Auto" option in Media IO is not updated correctly when apply is clicked

UE - Virtual Production - IO - Media - Apr 16, 2024

[AI] Incorrect collision for USplineMeshComponent

UE - Framework - Apr 15, 2024

The collision for a spline mesh can be calculated incorrectly. The issue appears to be when Alpha is out of range when calculating the slice transforms at splice offsets. ...

Editing a spline component in 5.4 no longer fires construction events.

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Apr 14, 2024

Licensee found that in 5.4 the spline component when edited in editor, no longer triggered the construction script potentially breaking their art pipeline. The licensee mentioned the cause is likel ...

Enhanced Input Pressed Trigger firing twice

UE - Gameplay - Input - Apr 14, 2024

GetTriggerEvent() in a function bound to an enhanced input action in C++, returns "Triggered" when bound to the "Started" trigger event. ...

SkeletalMeshActor flickers rapidly when PhysicsAsset contains multiple boxes.

- Apr 12, 2024

SkeletalMeshActor using a PhysicsAsset with custom box shapes may flicker rapidly in Editor when not selected, and also flickers in PIE mode. If occlusion culling is disabled the flickering stops. ...

Take Recorder - Viewport Freezing and Performance Degradation When Recording Without Subsequences

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Take Recorder - Apr 11, 2024

Description: In Unreal Engine 5.4, when recording camera movements using the Take Recorder with the "Record Sources Into Sub Sequences" option turned off, significant viewport freezing and performan ...

Add error message when unable to delete external actor file on disk

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - OFPA - Apr 11, 2024

Clear Coat looks incorrect in the Preview when Energy Conservation on Material is enabled for non Substrate rendering

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Apr 11, 2024

Enabling Energy Conservation on Material makes Clear Coat Material look weird in Preview. It looks fine in the Level Editor, but not in any "Preview" type viewport (Material Editor, Asset Thumbnails ...

Iris - Destruction of initially dormant actor not replicated to clients

UE - Networking - Iris - Apr 9, 2024

Without Iris enabled, UNetDriver::NotifyActorDestroyed will handle creating destruction info for dormant actors, including any initially dormant, statically placed actors. However, this path seems t ...