Light function materials using WorldPosition do not render correctly to volumetric fog if there is more than one

UE - Rendering - Mar 27, 2023

There is a one-line fix for this in a shader file, see their PR on GitHub: ...

VCamMultiUser is missing VCAMCORE_API on structs

UE - Virtual Production - Tools - Virtual Camera - Mar 17, 2023

Salesforce link [Link Removed] ...

Adding parent constraint to control rig in shot crashes the editor

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Anim in Engine - Mar 10, 2023

Adding a constraint to a control rig in a subsequence will crash the editor. ...

JobObject appears to break /ZI pdb compiles

UE - Foundation - Cpp Tools - UnrealBuildTool - Mar 9, 2023

It seems that the [Link Removed] UBT creates to ensure any child processes are terminated on close is somehow affecting the mspdbsrv process that cl is spawning and terminating it when cl is finishe ...

Automotive Materials - ClearCoat Specular Artifact with Saturation ~1

UE - Rendering - Mar 8, 2023

[Link Removed][Link Removed] ...

ICVFX Editor: Last Entry Index of "Pre-Viewport Color Grading" shows "Entire Cluster" group data.

UE - Virtual Production - nDisplay - Mar 2, 2023

The ICVFX view is displaying parameters for the entire cluster when the group in the right-most index is selected. Its expected that the right-most index group should behave like every other group, ...

Sequence is marked dirty when closing

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 24, 2023