Camera Cuts lock doesn't work when simulating

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Jun 10, 2024

Lock Viewport to Camera Cuts of CameraCutTrack stopped working from version 5.4 during PIE's simulation. This is a regression from 5.3 behavior where the lock remains when simulating. Locking to ind ...

Inconsistent behavior with data layers and attached actors

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Data Layers - Jun 10, 2024

OFPA: Cooking fails with nested actors

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - OFPA - Jun 10, 2024

[AI] AgentToNavDataMap still contains entries when cleaning up navigation system

UE - AI - Navigation - Jun 10, 2024

The navigation system has errors in the log for agents still being mapped to navigation data in CleanUp. This appears to stem from agent step height being recalculated in ARecastNavMesh::SetConfig i ...

SharedStructMemory's custom deleter doesn't call ~SharedStructMemory and may result in a memory leak

UE - AI - Mass - Jun 10, 2024

FSharedStructMemory uses a custom deleter that calls FMemory::Free, but it doesn't call the destructor. FSharedStructMemory's destructor is responsible for correctly destructing the internal ScriptS ...

Draw Invalidating Bounds debug view mode for Virtual Shadow Maps is gone in 5.4

UE - Graphics Features - Shadows - Jun 9, 2024

The CVar "r.Shadow.Virtual.Cache.DrawInvalidatingBounds" referenced in the official 5.4 documentation for virtual shadow maps, no longer shows any bounds as the underlying code seem to be removed in ...

PostReplicatedChange called for fast array item even when no values change

UE - Networking - Jun 7, 2024

Unless a property is set to REPNOTIFY_Always, we compare the property's received value to the current value on the client before calling the OnRep function. However, when determining if a fast array ...

Material doesn't apply with Linux packaged game

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Jun 6, 2024